Hi, welcome to SamDabbles!

At SamDabbles you will find a growing collection of recipes special to me, Sam. One week I am ambitious about creating my ideal morning smoothie and the next week I am perfecting a copycat recipe of my favorite appetizer from The Cheesecake Factory.

I dabble in dip recipes, dessert recipes, or whatever type of cooking speaks to my soul at that particular point in my life. I LOVE snacking so you’ll find recipes of food to nibble on. Accessible ingredients are a must and I treat every recipe with care before presenting them to you. You won’t get just any old half-formed recipe here!

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Each recipe holds a special place in my heart. The majority of my recipes are passed down from loved family members (Hi Mom!), newly discovered treats from my friends, or are a product of my intense cravings. My hope is one of my special recipes is adopted into your kitchen as a favorite.

A little about me.

I live in Kansas City, Missouri in a cute little yellow house with my 3 pups. I love listening to true crime podcasts hosted by hilarious people, reading books by Sophie Kinsella, and drinking wine(mostly red. sometimes white.)