How to Heal After Betrayal- 4 Quick Tips

Follow these four steps to heal yourself after your trust has been betrayed.

Did you put your trust in someone that doesn’t deserve it? How do you cope with the negative feelings that come after? Do the actions you take make your hurt worse or better?

Betrayal is a nasty thing. For there to be betrayal there must be trust. You made the decision to trust them and they let you down. Whether this is the first time they’ve hurt you or the 146th time, it is NOT YOUR FAULT. That key fact is important to remember.

Knowing that you are not at fault is an important step to healing but not the only one. You still have that empty, sick feeling in your chest as you try to make it through your days. What are some steps you take to heal that feeling?


I have had SO MUCH experience with betrayal. I’ve had “friends” betray me, authority figures deceive me, and family fool me.

I’m not comfortable sharing details. But I am comfortable sharing the four steps I have perfected in the art of healing.

Please use my steps as a guide to find your perfect way to heal after betrayal.



Betrayal hurts! When you are alone act out your hurt.

Ugly cry, yell, throw clothes and pillows around. Physically let out the hurt that is inside you.

Do this when you are alone and completely removed from the situation.



Cleanse your life of the person/people that betrayed you. They are now toxic to your life.

Unfollow them on social media, throw away pictures/objects, and stop (or slow down) communication with them.

Keeping things around related to the betrayer will continue the toxicity in your life.



Organize your closet! Start a new book! DO SOMETHING.

Immerse yourself in something you know you love (for me, it’s reading) or start that project you’ve always wanted to complete.

This step will focus your energy on a positive action and take your mind off the hurtful situation.



Forgiveness is not a word you say or a phrase you tell yourself. Forgiveness is peace you feel in your heart and mind.

If reaching out to the betrayer and telling them you forgive them is on your healing path, go for it! If forgiving the betrayer and keeping it to yourself is your perfect way, that’s amazing.

The important thing is to do what is best for you.

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